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From: Bruce William Taylor, Pro Surfer

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So you've got this incredible business opportunity and you're ready to strike it rich on the Internet as the greatest thing since sliced bread sells itself and fattens your bank account beyond your wildest dreams.

All you need is traffic. With enough traffic you can sell anything, right?

You load up your cart and head over to traffic exchanges where other people who want to make money will surely see the value in your "Golden Opportunity."

Uh huh... How's that working for you?

Maybe it was your biz-op. So you add a few more products to sell. Surely someone will buy something if you offer more choices!

"Yes, that's the ticket. I've got a hot one here in pre-launch.

"Nobody has even heard of it yet but I'm already makin' a killing.

"Hurry and get in now before it's too late!"


Don't listen to the hype. You're getting the cart before the horse!

Listen closely...

Up front cash flow is the key to profitable advertising. Without a way to generate income in your advertising, you may likely go broke trying to build a business.

Instead of wasting time and money trying to sell things nobody wants, build a traffic machine that spits out non-stop traffic and automatic profits before anyone joins your primary business or buys what you are selling!

Non-Stop Traffic

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You can easily generate unstoppable traffic without surfing when you build active downlines in traffic exchanges. In simple terms... the bigger your downlines, the more traffic you get as your referrals surf. This can add up to thousands of visitors daily.

However, most of what you have heard about building downlines is just flat wrong!

With this ultimate shortcut your downlines will grow quickly and create non-stop traffic to your website. Be prepared for more traffic than you've ever seen before!

I will show you the correct way to quickly and easily build your downlines, but for now have a look at this inbox. A picture is worth a thousand words...

Just in case you're wondering...

Yes! The image above is an actual screenshot. You can even use the scroll bar to see more. (Go ahead and try it.)

See all those emails in bold font?


This traffic is better than free.

This shortcut doesn't just grow downlines... it also grows residual commissions!

Those commissions are proof this simple strategy works like a charm. My downlines are upgrading because they are making money with their traffic... and so will you!

When you build paying downlines in traffic exchanges, you don't have to surf or buy your traffic. You get paid before anyone joins your business!

Automatic Profits

"Easy, Proven, & Predictable"

This is really, really simple...

In order to profit with your advertising, you must have a system that converts website visitors into prospects, and prospects into sales. Automate the process and you create automatic profits!

With an automated process, the results are predictable and almost unavoidable.

Turn Your Clicks to Cash

Now you, too, can profit on demand with an automated traffic and profit machine!

This deadly effective shortcut will cause highly targeted traffic to keep pouring in and turning into cash... even when you stop clicking!

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