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  1. Hi Scott,
    I just want to publicly Thank You for all the work you have put into TEP. I am finally starting to see results from my TE marketing. I am proud to be a part of such a great and growing program.


    Jim B

    Jim B said on: April 9 12:49 am
  2. Hi Scott,

    I just want to “second that motion” from Jim. I know you worked hard and long hours on TEP. I’m looking forward to our new future with TEProfits.com.

    Great Job,

    Linda said on: April 9 10:16 pm
  3. Hi Scott,

    I want to thank you for all your hard work and patience. I am very proud to be apart of TEProfits.com.

    Thanks again,

    Melanie said on: April 10 8:10 pm
  4. Hello Scott,

    Just dropping by to congratulate you on further improving
    the TEPROFITS System, it can only improve our subscriber
    rate and sales. But the key is to be consistant and work to
    a daily routine, the system will do the rest but very importantly follow up with your customers.

    Scott, thanks once again for developing this lead building
    system, I hope we all achieve continued success together.

    Trevor D Cheetham.

    Trevor D Cheetham said on: April 12 2:48 am
  5. Hi Scott,

    I would like to add my thanks also to you and this great system you have put in place for us to start building a Real Business that will only grow for years to come.

    You have implemented a system that finally puts all the pieces of the puzzle together for us :-)

    Your friend,

    Jay S said on: April 14 10:57 pm
  6. I’ve been lurking and poking around the ‘Net in a search of a means of supplementing my income for more years than I care to admit, and haven’t made a dollar. Haven’t lost than many either by the way; but I never found anything that I was totally comfortable with… until now.

    I’ve met a very small number of professionals in marketing and management too, in that time–and of that small number Scott stands head and shoulders above the best in my view.

    What’s my occupation? Management Consultant (retired) with a degree in management–so I reckon I’m a competent judge of managers and marketers.

    Thank you Scott. Today I have marked down in my diary as the one when I seriously began my journey into the creation of a more abundant life for my wife, my children and my grandchildren, and I have you to thank for that start. May the wind be at your back my friend!

    Alex Wilson, Nobby, QLD., Australia

    Alex Wilson said on: May 15 7:56 am
  7. Dear Scott,

    It has been awhile since you completed my pages. I have not been able to begin with TEProfits until now. Just let me say, I am absolutely ecstatic to begin.

    I really like the courtesy and professional environment set forth by you and your team.

    Thank you so much.


    Pauline said on: June 15 9:24 am
  8. TEProfits is the Best and I am very proud to be part of it.
    Here I am a Business Owner with a vision in the future …
    Here I can start creating real wealth and enjoy the professional help and love of people like Scott, and here I can start learning how to help others to become successful.
    What a Wonderful Business! Scott, I salute you! You deserve the BEST…

    Agatha said on: July 1 10:49 am
  9. Thank you so much Scott. You have opened my eyes to a lot of things.This program is great.I had a purchase the day after I set everything up. It don’t get much better than that.

    To Your Success,
    Charles Williams

    Charles Williams said on: July 4 12:24 am
  10. Hello Scott,

    I have known thousands of people over my almost 80 years. Been an active member of many different organizations, have been in several internet businesses that made promises, but never delivered. I thank my God that you were there when i was ready to give my computer away and never surf the net again.

    I will proclaim LOUD and CLEAR to the world that you are a man of INTEGRITY. Every thing that Scott Douglas hs told me including the first email i received from him until today has happened exactly as promised. I know that TEProfits will deliver as long as i do my part.

    For me, TEPProfits is a WONDERFUL GIFT that i can share, Thank You for the opportunity to join this Powerful Team!

    No longer a “VICTIM” WOW!!

    denson napier

    Denson Napier said on: July 9 5:21 pm
  11. Dear Scott

    I am just getting started, but I am very impressed with what this business has to offer. I have been working day and night to set everything up so I can start to profit. I will keep you posted.

    I am no one’s Vic now!

    Mustafa Abdulmalik As-Salafy

    Mustafa Abdulmalik As-Salafy said on: August 27 8:57 pm
  12. Hi Scott,
    I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful this has all been such a pleasant learning event for me. I hope someday I would be the one helping others

    Daniel Farley

    Daniel Farley said on: September 7 4:03 am
  13. Scott,

    There is a saying, “You never get a second chance at a first impression”.

    While surfing traffic exchanges I kept seeing TE Profits Splash pages. I got a great first impression. So, I clicked on one. Read the report and was even more impressed. But what impressed me even more was the email series.

    Now after reading the TEP history, and having work this for three months with very satisfactory success. I know that I can promote the TE Profits system/program to any one. Knowing not only will they not get hurt financially. But, that the only way they will not succeed is by not working the system!

    Thank you, I appreciate you and all you have done in creating and supporting all of in TE Profits.

    Tom McKinney said on: November 13 7:49 pm
  14. I’m soooo new at TE Profits & OBA….just signed-up a couple of days ago…. Scott, Dave, Rosario and my sponsor, jean– I can tell—you’re real-pros!—- I have been a webmaster for almost five years now and have learned a lot…been ‘ripped-off a lot—too—unfortunately :-( I’m very excited to be with such a nice bunch of serious netpreneurs, and look forward to the days, weeks, months and years ahead—- as a team-member…. :-)

    Peace-out— //Allan//—

    Allan P Small said on: November 14 5:18 am
  15. Hello Scott,

    I’m only just starting on TE Profits but I´m already impressed with the level of professionalism that speaks from your words and pages. This inspires trust in me / trust in getting this project to work for me but also trust in referring others to it.

    I´m looking forward to the months ahead.

    Cheers from the Netherlands,

    Rob Tijbosch said on: December 13 1:01 pm
  16. Thanks Scott

    With this system in which I was already a member of several of the connected programs, I have the opportunity to make my upline in one program, my downline in others and we mutually profit from it.

    While I was daunted by the sheer volume of information and resources available I found it is easy to just take it one step at a time and let momentum do the rest.

    In the meantime my primary business has become merely an afterthought only as it may help people succeed in TEP.

    Best of luck to all members
    To Freedom and Success
    Ronald Joseph

    Ronald Joseph said on: January 11 1:21 am
  17. Hi Scott,

    I’m so happy to learn something very interesting about Business opportunity.
    I’m already sure it will be the best opportunity of the moment.

    Thank you Scott to share this opportunity with us ;o))

    Success & Wealth
    Pascal Feuvrier-E

    PascalBizOpp said on: January 15 12:23 am
  18. I signed up a couple of months ago and cannot tell you how greatful I am to have found this system.

    Finally, we truly have a professional way to generate income online without having to spend a fortune up front. Yes, it does take work. But, anything worth having is worth working for. And…

    The TE Profits System is worth having!


    The MLM Expediter said on: January 31 3:19 pm
  19. Hi Scott,

    I just want to say thanks for being so kind, patient, understanding and helpful.

    You are a gem of a human being and I want to wish you the very best in life.



    Veena said on: February 19 11:32 am
  20. How are you. I have lost friends, some by death… others through sheer inability to cross the street.
    I am from Libya and now study English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: “By john leyden • get more from this.”

    With respect ;), Leya.

    Leya said on: March 15 6:30 pm
  21. Hello Leya,

    I do hope that from now on you make new Friends,

    we all lose some Friends as we travel through life.

    I wish you well in this business.

    from Ireland

    Bernadette Reddington said on: March 25 3:29 am
  22. Hi Scott,

    This is Caroline, I only want you to know I truely appreciate you. As I mentioned to you once before, I am suffering from a year of hard learning on the Internet, and my brain is numb.
    But it all lead me here. And I feel blessed that I am involved with TE profits and OBA and TW.
    What a Blessing it is to have found you.
    Thanks for the New Hope,


    Welcome Caroline,

    You have exactly the winner mindset that everyone needs in order to succeed in business. I wish I was your sponsor. :~)

    All the best,

    Caroline said on: April 11 3:27 am
  23. Hi Scott,

    Thanks a million for allowing me to be a part of this great opportunity. I know you did put in a lot in order to accomplish this platform that you have so graciously shared with us.

    For me I am so grateful. I also know that you will be rewarded a million times over for your vision and kindness.

    I am just learning the system so my set up is not yet complete. It shall be done and I see great things on the horizon. I will surely keep you posted.

    From an Island Boy.


    P.S. May everything you touch be blessed.

    Dean said on: April 28 9:01 pm
  24. Hello there scott;
    just a note to say that what i have seen thus far is great, unlike any thing that i have come across thus far.I am just getting started with O B A and tep but you can be sure that i am excited to think that i am finally going to make it for the first time in my life with your system.
    now it may take me a little longer than most other people in that i am broke as of now and i am hoping that this buiz is going to change all of that in short order as i have the funds to proceed.
    But for now i will just thank you for all you do and say GOD bless you in all your indevers business and personal. so be incouraged in all that you do for it is fantastic to say the least!
    yours in success,
    K W Riggs

    K W Riggs said on: August 24 11:03 pm
  25. Hello Scott,

    After 3 years of little online success, I believe your system will revolutionize the online business world in an honest way.

    With 10 Million people a month looking for an online business, I can see a lot of people attracted to your concept and be very successful with it.

    We need more people like you online who have the foresight in willing to help all of us with integrity and kindness.

    Wish you and all of us lots of success,

    Warm Regards,
    Paul Rose
    Alberta, Canada

    Paul Rose said on: September 6 8:39 am
  26. i haven’t made any money, yet but i have faith and confidence in the efforts put forth by Scott [and my own, of course] that TEP will
    be a successful and fun [AD](joint)venture [no pun intended, but…] if i am persistent and make the sincere effort, only good can come from our continued working association!

    john vance

    john vance said on: October 27 7:37 am
  27. I’ve been in TEP for quite a while now. But to be honest i’ve not considered it, you know this thing of jumping from one opp to another. I think now i know better and i am going to give it my best shot.

    bigbucksleads said on: February 20 9:31 am
  28. Hi Scott.

    Thank you for putting this program together. I’m excited to be a part of this and my only regret is that I’ve dismissed your program for such a long time, as being another over-hyped full of bs offer. BOY, WAS I WRONG!

    Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, so it’s straight ahead and looking forward to doing my best with TEP/OBA now that I finally have come to my senses and got started.

    John said on: June 25 9:18 am
  29. I beleive with out traffic no business!

    Marcel said on: July 5 7:24 pm
  30. You got it, Marcel.

    In the offline world, with no customers you have no business.

    Online it starts with traffic. No traffic = no business.

    Once you have the process to convert your traffic into paying customers, automation takes over and traffic = business.

    Scott said on: July 5 11:55 pm
  31. Hi Scott, I always see the TEP ads from TE sites. This is a famous opportunity. Thak’s to let me in.

    Indi said on: July 12 6:09 pm
  32. I’ve been seeing your splash pages a lot as I surf daily and decided it was time to give it a look. You’ve put a lot of effort into this system and you’ve made it easy to implement.

    Mark Owen said on: July 13 3:50 pm
  33. I have seen TEP so many times and ignored it doing my own thing I could kick myself lol. I know you put a lot of work into this and I plan on using it to its full extent great job.

    Troy Cornejo said on: July 17 5:54 pm
  34. I have seen your ads so many times and always meant to investigate further.

    Well here I am in TEP! It only took me months to get round to it.

    ericgandalph said on: August 3 8:42 am
  35. Hello to all TE buddys,male amd female. My name is Roger and I just joined, still getting my program set up. I’m very anxious and inspired so far and hope to get to know a lot of you. I have been internet marketing for about 3 years and my success rate stinks. Hopefully I can change this now, I’m by no means an accomplished well groomed entrepenuer by any strectch of the imagination. Maybe I can get some tips and pointers here, please. lol Take care all and success to you all.

    Roger said on: October 8 2:14 pm
  36. The new TEP is even better than the old one.Glad I joined and even moore glad I upgraded!

    Richard Bligdon said on: October 14 8:31 pm
  37. Hi to all TEP members/buddies, have only recently joined TEP and have really enjoyed the process of setting the programmes up.
    Should be good too go anyday now
    Willing too learn from all experienced marketers in the online world especially TEP, this is one great programme, very user-freindly
    havce a great and prosperous day

    Michael Russell said on: October 15 8:48 am
  38. Well scott I finally did it. Aftere seeing your sites over n over(while being shot down over n over) I finally signed up to check this out. My fingers thank you;) Clickin into all hours of he night on top of extensive article marketing I have FINALLY found a way to get the leverage I knew was available. I work with small groups of semi-older people,people who are physically limited in manual labor and have been sharing te wonderful opportunities that will help there financial situation. I will be using this as a tool to teach,grow,share,help and yes finally make $20 an hour surfin;) God Bless

    Brad Gardner said on: November 4 11:47 pm
  39. I’ll be quacking loudly about TEP. Great site! Great profits!
    -Dave Duck

    Dave Duck said on: December 19 11:41 am
  40. Hey Scott,
    Thank you for letting me know about TE Buddy’s.
    A great concept, and a great necessity enhancer. We all need help. The sooner you realize it the better off you are. I wish I figured it out sooner.


    Matthew said on: December 21 11:55 am
  41. Just starting out with you. Have heard great things. Computer crashed during sign up, so did not see offer re. “swirl” as recommended by my upline. Still — as free member it looks like you
    have many great things to offer!

    Georgia Jenkins said on: December 25 11:10 am
  42. I’ve ignored TE Profits far too long! (I’m one of those “focused” people who persist in digging using a hand shovel when looking around for a backhoe would be far more productive!)

    I am look to a richly shared and nourishing experience with this group.

    Paul Berentsen said on: January 1 7:32 pm
  43. To quote famous golfer Phil Mickelson after losing the U.S. Open, “I am such an idiot!”

    That is me for joining TEP and not doing anything with it.

    Glen Palo said on: January 2 6:33 am
  44. Hi Scott; I am so happy to finally belong to a program with everything I’ve been wishing for. While I know one has to put into something what they expect to get out of it, you provide what has been the most difficult for me to accomplish…advertising. And, fortunately for once, I had the funds to upgrade!! All I can say is, THANK YOU MOST SINCERELY SCOTT, for helping me make a supplement to my monthly income…I am truly Grateful!! :) I will make every effort to ”pass it forward”!!

    Dorothy J Grant said on: January 15 12:30 pm

    LIVIU said on: January 20 3:45 pm
  46. thnk u for your great work!

    jitendra goswami said on: January 28 10:54 am
  47. Hi Scott,
    This is an excellent program I would recommend to
    everyone to try!!
    Thank You,

    Kenny Lynch said on: February 1 12:44 pm
  48. Hello Scott,
    I am just getting started on here,so please show how to really get started & make some money!!! Thanks for all the other comments also,THEY ARE GREAT!!!

    PAUL BURT said on: February 6 3:22 pm
  49. Hi Paul. Welcome! Log into your back office and go to Start Here. It shows how to really get started quickly. Enjoy!

    Scott said on: February 6 4:17 pm
    Here Sergey
    I like your program. The big work.

    I am very proud to be apart of TEProfits.com.

    Yours faithfully Sergey

    Sergey Aleksandrovic said on: February 28 3:06 am
  51. I am just getting started, but I am very impressed with what this business has to offer.

    Gordon Halverson said on: May 22 7:53 pm
  52. Finally…something that makes sense! Thanks for putting in the time setting up the TE Profits system…I’m excited about my future in this business.

    Susanne Block said on: June 2 7:23 am
  53. Hello all fairly new to this. I am new to this here page or site. This does look like a fantastic site that is going to help a person out.

    Carl Vogel said on: June 5 12:49 am
  54. Hi Scott,
    Kiranmayee Mishra here;
    Thanks for this great work,I had heard about you and by the way know your name since long,the day I came into Internet Marketing,your’s is a big name here and you do great things too,again it’s my privilege to be here,I hope doing things quite interesting here for my success.

    Kiranmayee Mishra said on: June 9 9:09 am
  55. Hi Scott,
    I am very happy to know you .
    I am proud of to be a one of TEProfits .com .
    Thanks for this great effort and greatest work .
    Best Wishes .
    Yours faithfully
    July 10, 2011

    ALI said on: July 10 7:15 am
  56. Hello scott,
    Thank you very much for give me opportunity to be member in this site. but i’m new for this site so i have not understand welly yet. so please sent me general information what i have to do or how can i start this site and how can i earn income.
    thank you

    Dipak said on: August 13 6:10 am
  57. Hello Dipak,

    Be sure to log in and read through the introductory material in your TEP back office. You will find an overview of the system under Start Here on the main menu.

    You’ll also find additional help 24/7 in our Team Forum.

    Welcome aboard!

    ~ Scott

    Scott said on: August 13 12:16 pm
  58. Hello Scott, i m so proud to be in part of this big family, i am just getting to start this system, All the best.

    wiragoyap said on: August 16 10:21 pm
  59. Hi Scott,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I am looking forward to learning and making money.

    God bless you!

    Margery said on: August 20 10:49 pm
  60. Hi from Ukraine (Donbas), Scott.


    Sergey said on: September 5 3:04 pm
  61. Hi Scott
    Well, here we go again! I’m another joining member.
    And there was I, expecting to find an immediate answer to all the marketing requirements for my existing home business.

    I’ve been going (like most others, I guess) round and round for some time, in ever decreasing circles, until finally – lets not go there.

    What did I expect of TE Profits? : –
    You know, click here, post my ‘splash or capture page’ there, and wait for the ad’s that you place all over the world in
    ‘my name’ to start pouring in glad people, eager to want to know more about my business. And of course, sign -up.

    Shock horror! To find, yet another set of training manuals to wade through. – Is this how it really is?

    I read with interest, some of the great comments being said here about ‘TE Profits’. And as a result, and with some trepidation, I will persevere with the site in an attempt to come to terms with it, and above all: – have some fun and perhaps, even prosper.

    Glade I’ve got all of that out of the way – Now lets get down to some business!
    Anyone have any shortcuts, or will this be my downfall?

    Tell it like it is: –
    Regards: FKA.

    Frederick said on: September 16 9:55 am
  62. Hi Frederick (Keith),

    I hear you and feel your pain. Truly I do understand how frustrating it is to learn how to effectively build a business on the internet.

    Everybody wants EASY. Everybody wants fast. It’s understandable. It’s our nature.

    The truth?

    EASY is a relative term. (Like you I tell it like it is.)

    The best we can do is speed up the learning process. It may be a lot to learn, but it’s “easy” to learn and having a turn-key system gets you up-and-running as quickly as possible without spending six months (like I did) setting up my first business-building lead capture system.

    The shortcut?

    Anything I could say here is already explained in the free Traffic Report.

    The short version is this…

    Traffic + Conversion = Income

    Traffic is easy. Using traffic exchanges we surf to get website visitors.

    Conversion is simply a process of turning those visitors into leads, prospects and sales (or business partners). We do this with an autoresponder. You must have an autoresponder if you want to generate leads to build your business.

    BTW… I notice you are building the Online Business Alliance $5 Franchise. Great business, which is also full of excellent training. Apply what you learn from the OBA to your marketing to start small and build big through leverage. When you have a plan and invest in your business properly it will start small, get into profit, and grow without limits.

    Go to Start Here in the TEP back office to set up your turn-key lead capture system.

    Then after you get up-and-running you can spend time learning how to expand your advertising and increase your lead capture effectiveness even further.

    Be sure to visit our Team Forum for additional help when you need it.

    All the best,
    Scott Douglas
    Creator, TEProfits
    OBA Business Owner

    Scott said on: September 16 10:30 am
  63. This is the umpteenth time I have made any attempt to be successful as in IM.

    I believe this to be a system that can help me become the marketer I choose to be.

    Thank you and Blessings

    glena said on: September 25 2:42 pm
  64. thank u so much. I am looking forward to learning and making money.

    FaiyazAhmed said on: October 4 1:28 am
  65. I only want to say thank you to all of you for that great marketing program .. I am really glad to be apart of it ..

    Nikolay said on: October 5 8:40 am
  66. Hi Scott, Just found your site. Am hoping that it will help me on marketing. Keep up the good work.

    Richard Hefter said on: November 25 5:31 pm
  67. Hi Scott,

    Just joined, looking forward to the results, I have a couple of links to post, can I do that?


    Reply from Scott:

    Hi Richard. Welcome!

    You can post all the links you want in your TE advertising, but please do not post advertisements in the Buddy Blog. This is training for members and we like to keep it free from unwanted advertisements. If you have something that WORKS which you would like to share with your friends a TEP, you can post about those resources in our Team Forum.

    Thanks for asking.

    ~ Scott

    Richard Holland said on: January 4 1:47 pm
  68. i just joined am new here and in this business,i need help to start,i know its a good program,please help me,thank you

    Reply from Scott:

    Welcome Anthony!

    You’ll find a ton of help any time you need it in our Team Forum, and you’re always welcome to submit a support ticket if you need help with your back office. But the training in the member’s area should answer 99% of any questions even before you ask them. :)

    Enjoy! And don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help.

    All the best,

    anthony akorsey said on: January 20 7:36 pm
  69. Hello ewerybody greetings from FINLAND im a greenhorn i dont have any exrerience what so ever.I hope i learn something insted to walk slower when i get old. (-:

    Raimo said on: January 22 2:06 am
  70. Just signed up today and I’ve already had a taste of the great support here. Thanks Scott for making this incredible opportunity available AND so easy to follow.. I will make this work I know it!


    Mary from Oz

    Mary Dent said on: February 4 3:09 pm
  71. Just signed up. Fairly new to all this. Just built my first website after learning about traffic exchanges. Been surfing them about a week and have seen a lot of information about turning it into a business. I’ve been out of work and looking for a way to make a living online. Made a little doing surveys, reading e-mails, PTC, etc. but nothing anyone could survive on so I’m giving this a shot. I’m in a fog about autoresponders and list building and hoping to find the help I need here.

    Patti said on: February 17 6:01 pm
  72. Excellent . But how does it work for individuals like me who do not have a website to traffic, business ?

    Reply from Scott:

    Most people start a business using “affiliate” websites. You don’t own the website, but you have an affiliate link to send traffic to.

    With TE Profits, you receive your own affiliate web pages hosted on our server. You simply drive traffic to those pages and the TEP marketing system takes over from there.

    Hope that helps.

    ~ Scott

    Dr SAjeev Kumar said on: February 21 3:48 pm
  73. Really enjoyed the educational webinar. Very excited about the different TE sites. We, too, are new to this method of marketing, but can definitely see the potential long term….

    Thanks for all you do to help others succeed on the internet.

    We baby boomers are still people to be “reckoned with”….and we are showing that by the businesses we are all starting to grow with great people behind like yourself.

    Jim and Robbie Torok said on: March 26 8:26 am
  74. I am new to the marketing world also, I’ve only been trying this whole money from the net thing for about 2 months now. I found this program 3 days ago on a TE so hmmm does it work…? It must it got me in here. Well, I’m gonna give it a go…it seems to be well thought out and looks like it will work well, makes sense at least. Thank you scott for offering it for free. Any more suggestions for me, or just follow the program and see for myself?

    Reply from Scott:

    Hello Cris,

    Welcome to TE Profits and the Buddy Blog. Glad you found us.

    Does it work? Yes. This is the strategic plan I have been using for nearly 6 years. Hasn’t changed much, as the fundamentals are constant. You need traffic, and you need a way to convert that traffic to income.

    You’ll see that the exact details of how we earn with Traffic Exchanges does evolve. TE Profits is currently being updated again to reflect recent changes in the marketplace.

    I don’t have any suggestions other than to READ and LEARN by going through all the free training in your TEP back office and applying what you learn. No plan, no matter how good the plan is, will work unless you put it to work for you.

    If you have questions, you’ll find the support you need here at TE Profits.

    To Your Success,

    cris said on: June 12 8:33 am
  75. Thank you for your willingness , Very Good Job.

    Shamel Azmy said on: June 28 5:38 am
  76. I am a newbie trying to get a feel of the web biz. Thank you for offering your system free. I intend to follow you and make my 1st $ online with your help. Thanks again!

    Ranganathan said on: July 19 2:45 am
  77. hi mr. scot good day
    i have joined you and i hope i will get cuccess with your help

    premlal said on: October 27 8:07 pm
  78. im new i dont know any thing about this .

    john mcclure said on: October 30 10:33 pm
  79. Hi Scott,

    I really enjoyed your training videos and i,m sure this is going to be a winner for me and others, I must say it is great to come across a system like this, I have tried countless other systems and money making opportunities and they are all dead set crap rip off pieces of S@#!…

    So thank you very much for sharing,

    All The Best To You And Your Family,

    Colin L,.

    Colin said on: November 23 7:55 pm
  80. Hello Scott,

    After many attempts to get your program on my radar, I finally dusted it off and started reading. Been around the TEs in several different programs and any help I can get is greatly appreciated!

    I’ve been struggling with the use of TEs for several years, but their appeal is undeniable as a viable way to market.

    Your program is one of those “evergreen” products, so I am willing to apply what you teach.

    Thank you,


    Barbara Erickson said on: December 7 1:19 am
  81. Hi Scott,
    I want to know exactly how is your TEP program works and what way i’ll be getting the money in cash.

    Reply from Scott:

    Hello Emeka,

    Thanks for stopping by TE Profits. Please feel free to join the site. How the system works is all explained inside the Fast Start Guide in the members area.

    As to the “cash”… the internet does not really have any cash. People do. You earn income through TE Profits primarily with the 3rd party affiliate sites we use and recommend. You’ll earn commissions in FCAT and other traffic exchanges, plus on the special upgrade offer for TEP members. TEP pays 50% commissions to upgraded Pro members via Payza, which you transfer to your bank… and withdraw as cash if you really want cash.


    Emeka Emmanuel said on: February 15 5:00 pm
  82. Hi Scot, Man you have improve this site great. I join some time ago I been dingily on the net for along time I think it was 2010 when I Join TEP after you update it I could not login. What ever I going to upgrade later and see if it works for me this time.

    John Gibbs said on: March 1 3:50 pm
  83. Congrats Scott ! I will happily follow in your foot steps.

    madan said on: April 8 5:13 am
  84. I just wanted to say Thank you. We actively promote TE Hoopla and I can state that I am proud to. I have scoured the Internet for great programs and yours is one of the best. The only thing that I am not familiar with is Blogging. Just never was into it. Now that I know it is simple and fun out of all the blogging sites I chose yours. Why ? Simple – you have the best site for Network Marketing – HANDS DOWN. Thank you for everything. Sharon (Shay) Spencer

    Sharon Spencer said on: April 28 10:10 am
  85. Hello Scott,

    I have been a member of TE Profits for a few months. I am promoting it every day via splash pages, clicking on many traffic exchanges and using dozens of safelists. By now, I must have earned over million surfing credits.

    However, I haven’t had much success getting referrals. I know that TE Profits has been around for a while, so I am just seeking a honest answer whether it’s too late for a new member (without money to invest in advertising) to make any significant success with this system.

    What is your opinion? If TE Profits is such a popular system with a large membership, is there anything left for newcomers?

    John said on: May 13 4:05 am
  86. Hello John,

    It’s never too late to start building your TE downlines!

    The primary goal of TE Profits is to provide training on WHY and HOW to build your downlines, plus provide resources to help you with that goal. We build TE downlines via TE Hoopla. We monetize the process with up front commissions from FCAT by promoting both TE Hoopla and FCAT in the Fast Start Crash Course.

    In fact, the system is designed to get referrals in those programs BEFORE your prospects join TE Profits as your referral.

    I see that you have not entered your FCAT link in the Crash Course, which means your system can only get referrals for you in TE Hoopla and the top-rated TEs. Your system is not adequately monetized.

    Instead of promoting the Crash Course, perhaps you should follow the examples given in the training and find ways to promote TE Hoopla with your own marketing campaigns.

    I highly recommend going through the training again. There is a training article which directly addresses your question in the members area. If you need help or have questions, please feel free to contact me by submitting a support ticket in the members area.

    Best regards,

    Scott said on: May 13 11:53 am
  87. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your answer. I haven’t yet joined FCAT as it is a paysite, and right now I can’t afford it. (I am a student, no income). I’ll continue with my ad campaigns and try setting up my original splash pages. Hopefully after some time I will start seeing results.

    Thank you for your advice!


    John said on: May 13 3:41 pm
  88. I want to thank you for all your hard work and patience

    szanto anna said on: May 14 2:08 pm
  89. Thank you, Szanto. My hope is that everyone who reads, learns, and makes the effort will succeed. I’m here to help as best I can.


    Scott said on: May 14 11:21 pm
  90. Do you have any advise on how this system can work for my website? I am new to all this and do not have the money to advertise in the normal way to create traffic to my website.


    Ellen said on: May 16 11:15 am
  91. Hello Ellen,

    Welcome, and thanks for commenting on the blog.

    I see that you are an Avon representative, and assume that is the website you want to advertise.

    TE Profits is not, in itself, an advertising service. What we do with TE Profits is teach how to more effective use Traffic Exchanges (TEs) to advertise.

    Ultimate success with your business depends on getting the right offer in front of the right prospects. The TE market is huge with hundreds of thousands of prospects. Many of which could be interested in just about anything. But I can say with complete certainty that directly advertising your Avon page… or any similar replicated affiliate page from any big company like Avon… is not likely to work. Your chance of getting Avon sales advertising that page in TEs is nil.

    The solution is to think of TEs in another way. Use them to first establish contact with other people. Offer them something they are most certainly interested in. Get them on your email list. Let them get to know you. Then, and only then, share your Avon business with your new contacts.

    This solution is somewhat generic, as it applies to practically all “work at home” businesses. How you advertise and get prospects for your own business using traffic from TEs depends a great deal on how you market your Avon business. If you are primarily selling products, your approach is one way… if you’re selling the “business opportunity” your approach would be another.

    Regardless of what website you are advertising in TEs, you need traffic credits to have your website seen. That’s where TE Profits helps. We teach people how to build TE downlines (via TE Hoopla) to greatly increase their traffic from TEs, turn them into leads, and make money in the process.

    Hope that helps.


    Scott said on: May 16 11:36 am
  92. Hi Scott And everyone.

    My name is Rick, Just singed up today.
    I am new to this sort of blogs, any Blog as far as that
    go s.
    Just to let you all know, I’m not a spring chicken.
    63 years Yong And trying to get some extra cash
    to pay the bills.
    I hope I’m in the right place.
    I have been promoting a couple of web sits
    on about 10 safe lists and some exchanges .
    So thought I would give TEP a go.

    Thank you.

    Rick said on: May 24 4:47 pm
  93. Hi Rick,

    Welcome. If you are using Safelist and Traffic Exchanges for traffic to your website, you’re in the right place!

    Please take a look at the training provided in your TEP back office, Fast Start Guide, and Traffic Report for help understanding how to effectively market in Traffic Exchanges.

    I recommend advertising (sending raw traffic to) splash pages in TEs.

    With Safelists, I recommend having a link to a Lead Capture Page in your email ad copy. Splash pages are generally not necessary with Safelists because the email ad copy does that function of getting attention and sending prospects and traffic to your capture page.

    Feel free to contact me via a support ticket if you have questions or need any help.

    ~ Scott

    Scott said on: May 28 12:40 pm
  94. I feel hopeful by what I have read in there.

    Fedinia said on: September 12 6:15 pm
  95. Mr Scott!

    Hello I am on teprofits and I have to say that I’m really flipping through all this incredible system you set up for us!

    I must say thank you very much Mr Scott for your dedication to our success and it will be thanks to you Mr.

    I almost finished putting this system in place Gorgeous and go to the next step “advertising” I also like the simplicity to set everything up!

    I recognize you Mr Scott!

    As soon!
    Norman Plouffe from Canada!

    normand Plouffe said on: December 30 10:09 am
  96. MR. SCOTT,after all the asking for my refunds back,there is a G-D because I was sent you and this wonderful program built on PURE HONESTY, THANK YOU FOR THAT

    Norman V Colbert said on: February 25 2:21 pm
  97. Scott, thank you so much for your effort to help other, like me.
    Your TEProfits site it’s awesome, pure’n’solid content, real value.

    You have learn the lesson, Sir.
    And knows what good marketing means.

    Thanks not only for give so much information for free, but also by organizing an orderly and clear, easy to follow.

    This really is a “step by step” method!

    Plus, this blog as support: WOW, WOW, WOW!

    I have to warn you something Mr. Douglas, I’m taking a lot of things and I will apply to my marketing from now on.

    I know that TEP is not new, but it is so well done that it’s still useful. And very much!!

    For me, I’ve encountered with a GAME CHANGER.

    Thanks again and a big hug,


    Luis C. Cuestas said on: April 17 3:30 pm

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