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After some significant changes, including the addition of Sean Supple to the TEP admin team, we launched a new blog for TEP in  July 2015.

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TEProfits Notes Plus Lifetime Upgrade

Did you miss TEProfits…?

For most the server move was quick and back online within a few hours. Now marks 72 hours since we moved which means TEProfits is ready for traffic from all around the world!

Is Payza Back?

Payza is for now our leading payment processor for upgrading memberships at TEProfits, and also for paying out affiliate commissions.

For those of you not already upgraded in TEProfits a special Lifetime upgrade will be presented to you upon login. This true One Time Offer should be looked over closely. It’s time to get excited about the new changes and possibilities that come with TEProfits Upgrade.

So, here’s a quick recap of what you need to do NOW:

1st – Login to your account and double check your referral links for all sites in the training area(upgrade your account to unlock even more areas of TEProfits)

2nd – Grab your affiliate links and post them anywhere you can. TEProfits has had many success stories in the past but now we are committed to skyrocketing these stories and giving you more possibilities to generate an income and traffic for your business.

The time to get started is now. Let TEProfits show you the road to success with Traffic Exchanges!



PS. Almost forgot to add…

We have added a NEW SUPPORT DESK SYSTEM to provide the very best support to our valued TEProfits members. You’ll find a link to our Support Desk on the blog menu above and on the menu in the TEP Members Area.

Update Your Links in the TEP Referral Builders!

Please be sure to check  your links in the TEP referral builders.

Fast Cash and Traffic is now Ad Master Plus. Your old links will still work and redirect to the new site. But the Crash Course, Traffic Report, and TE Downline Builder mention Ad Master Plus. So please update your links in the referral builders.

Pro Members: The follow up newsletter (TEP Email Series) has been updated in Traffic Wave. Simply import the letters following the System Instructions. If you have already created the TEProfits campaign, no need to create the campaign again. Simply use the codes to import the updated letters and let them over-write the original emails.

Pro TEP Members may also download the updated letters in a zip file for review, or to manually edit your email series. A summary of changes is included in the zip file for your convenience.

The updated newsletter file ( is on the System Instructions page in the Pro Members Area.

Thank you for helping make TE Profits one of the very best training and traffic building sites for TE surfers!


Some exciting changes are coming soon to the TEProfits community!!








What’s In Store for 2015

As many of our members are already aware, this past year (2014) has been a very difficult year for me personally. Events in my personal life precluded my ability to focus attention on work. After a lengthy hiatus I am making plans for the new year. Plans which include significant updates and improvements to the TEProfits training and membership site.

Yes. TEProfits is a “how to” training site. Inside I share my personal experience of how I increased my traffic and turned my TE memberships into a profitable income source. This “how to” information is toally free. I do not ask you to pay me ONE DIME to learn how to profit with Traffic Exchanges.

We have offered an upgraded membership which includes digital product downloads and expanded member services for a low one-time payment. This in NO WAY has been offered as a “make money” scheme ever. I do not charge anyone to learn how to increase profits or income with Traffic Exchanges. The upgrade is simply a one-off option to help defray the costs of hosting and managing this site. It also has helped our affiliates earn a modest affiliate commission with each sale on our high-conversion offer.

TEProfits will receive a total revamp to eliminate any appearance of being a “make money” site. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making money, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with telling others how you make money. But the fact remains that there are many terrible “schemes” and flat-out scams which lie about making money online in an effort to simply get you to part with your money. Such sites are justifiably at high risk for fraud and for complaints.

To be clear, TEProfits has a reputation as being honest and the strategies do work. No one has ever paid a penny for these “how to” strategies I teach. TEProfits is NOT a “make money” scheme. It’s just training and advice. All of the training and advice is 100% free.

With that said, the “powers that be” do not like anything which remotely resembles a “make money” type of site. Until further notice, there are no upgrade options at TEProfits. I will explore options again after the site is clearly within all standards, no matter how onerous.

Also in the works…

As many have observed and pointed out, the leading Traffic Exchange we have promoted (FCAT) now has a new name and website. This change will be reflected in our members area and all marketing materials. In the mean time John Bell has confirmed that all existing affiliate links for FCAT automatically redirect to the new site, Ad Master Plus.

I also plan to set up a new and more robust Customer Support System.

Finally, the TEProfits Buddy Blog will be archived and a new blog platform will be implemented to go with the TEP site updates.

That’s all for now. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a bright new year. Please pardon the dust from the construction here at TEProfits.

Scott Douglas
Creator, TEProfits
Dragonfly Marketing







Mixing Personal with Business

I have always tried to maintain a healthy separation between my personal life and my online business. Recent events in my personal life have greatly impacted my ability to keep up with business the past few weeks, especially with support for our members. For that I am deeply sorry.

My mother was diagnosed last year with congestive heart failure. At the first of this year her condition worsened and we arranged for hospice support at her home of 55 years. Mom passed two weekends ago, and this past weekend we laid her to rest. It’s been a difficult time for me. My father passed away five years ago this month. My brother, sister and I will also be saying goodbye to our childhood home filled with a lifetime of memories.

I appreciate your patience through this time of transition in my personal life, and will do my best to get back to my traditional schedule of keeping up with support for this site. Attention will be given to new support requests. Many support tickets have been received over the past few weeks, and I may not be able to answer them all. If you submitted a request more than two weeks ago that still needs attention, please feel free to submit a new request and it will be given priority.

TE Profits members are some of the best people I have met in any business, online or otherwise. I consider many of you as good friends and know in my heart that you care about me personally. If you would like to express support, please use the comments feature below this blog post to reserve email and support tickets for business matters.

With sincere gratitude,







Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

Happy New Year!

I’m back at work after an extended break and hope you had a great holiday, too. I would like to start off with a few tips to help make 2014 your best year ever.

1. Focus – Decide on a plan for growing your business and then focus on that plan. Use a marketing funnel to convert your traffic into income. Take action and put your plan to work by spending a little time each day to drive traffic into your marketing funnel. Traffic plus Conversion equals Income.

2. Traffic – As you know, I like free traffic from Traffic Exchanges and Email Exchanges (safelists and list builders). These easy tools are one of the fastest ways to drive traffic starting RIGHT NOW. For maximum traffic from the best free Traffic & Email Exchanges, join all the resources in TE Hoopla and TE Profits. As an added benefit, your referrals to TE Hoopla and TE Profits will also join those traffic resources as your referral earning you more traffic (and commissions) without any added work.

3. Conversion – When it comes to earning affiliate commissions (converting traffic to income) I do NOT like to have all my eggs in one basket. My income is diversified with multiple streams of income. In order to do this and maintain FOCUS, you simply must be using a marketing funnel so you can focus on filling your funnel with traffic.

4. Email List – The most powerful conversion tool is… an autoresponder. Send your traffic to a lead capture page and let your autoresponder do the heavy lifting. Your autoresponder will follow up a lead your prospects into TE Hoopla, TE Profits, and your TE downlines for more traffic. Your TE Profits marketing funnel is designed for maximum conversions, gaining you more referrals and commissions on autopilot.

5. Profit – This plan is designed for you to start small and build big by investing into your marketing system gradually. It’s also set up so that the more you invest, the more you profit. You will earn commissions with the very tools we use to drive traffic (Traffic Exchanges and Email Exchanges) and build a list of leads (TrafficWave).

The business model above is nothing new or entirely unique. It is the same model taught by most any ‘guru’ you will meet. We have simply set up a marketing funnel targeted ideally for the free traffic marketplace. It works so well because every TE surfer and every email advertiser wants more traffic and an easy way to earn income. It doesn’t get any easier than this… as long as you take action.

Make 2014 your best year ever by taking action starting now!

To Your Traffic & Conversions,




Payza No Longer Accessible

As of December 4th, 2013 Payza is no longer available for upgrading or receiving commissions at TE Profits.

The following message is displayed when logging into Payza from within the US:

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, Payza’s account platform is no longer accessible to members in the United States. Therefore, you cannot add, send or receive funds to or from your account.

“Unfortunately, the third party relationship that enabled U.S. members to access their stored value account services was terminated. It is with great regret that we have had to withdraw from the U.S. market.

“All withdrawal requests will remain pending until further notice. We are working diligently on resolving this matter and will update you immediately with any developments.”

TE Profits upgrades are securely processed using a Credit Card payment directly to Dragonfly Marketing via our merchant account through Bank of America/First Data.

Until further notice, commissions earned by TE Profits affiliates on those upgrade sales will be paid directly from Dragonfly Marketing by check through regular mail.

This is the most reliable method for commissions and very common with such affiliate sites as TrafficWave, Aweber, Hostgator, Empower Network and ClickBank.

Most of the commissions typically earned with the TE Profits marketing system are from the 3rd party affiliate sites we use and recommend for generating traffic and leads with Traffic Exchanges and Email Exchanges. TE Profits commissions are effectively a “bonus” for using our service, and not intended as the primary objective of the system.

Rest assured we will continue to make sure our affiliates get their commissions earned on TE Profits sales of the upgraded membership. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue to look for alternative ways to issue these earnings through a reliable online payment processor.





What’s the Hoopla?

TE Hoopla… in the news…

First, a BIG CONGRATS to Paula Zuehlke and her team at HitSafari for hitting the #1 Top Ranked site in TE Hoopla!

That’s a big deal. It means if you’re referring other surfers to TE Hoopla you need to make sure you’ve joined HitSafari and added your HitSafari affiliate ID number in the TE Hoopla downline builder. It also means now is a perfect time to consider upgrading your HitSafari membership if you haven’t already.

See the HitSafari exclusive discount for TEP members-only in your TEP back office. Look under “Secret Discounts” for the details. This exclusive HitSafari upgrade offer is awesome. You get the pro upgrade with increased surf ratio, more commissions, more credits when surfing… PLUS a huge amount of added credits every month.

With this exclusive offer at HitSafari you get 1,500 credits every month. That’s $15 worth of credits monthly! You get that many credits every month, plus all the added benefits of the HitSafari upgrade for just $6.99. It’s a steal!!


Please note that TE Hoopla now has 21 TEs, reduced from the original 42 TEs. It makes joining ALL the sites in TE Hoopla much easier.

Start with the first seven, of course. Don’t leave any out. If you don’t join the TEs and add your affiliate IDs, you won’t get referrals in them via TE Hoopla and you miss out on a ton of extra traffic. When you’re ready, join all 21 TEs in TE Hoopla for maximum growth in your downlines.

Consider a surfing schedule where you surf 7 TEs per day. Then another group of 7 the next. Finally, the third group of 7. You’ll be building traffic in all 21 TEs and surfing them all every three days.


New Splash and Capture Pages!

We’ve got some new Splash and Lead Capture Pages for the Crash Course system as well as the Pro Lead Capture system in TE Profits!

You’ll want to log in and get your own links to these pages inside the members area.

For the Crash Course pages, go to “Splash Pages” on the main menu.

For the Pro Capture Pages, go to “Pro Splash Pages” in the pro members area.

Here is a preview of your new pages:

Crash Course Splash Page

Crash Course Capture Page

To use the above capture page in a TE surfing window, you need to turn the “pop up” feature off. More on that in a minute.

For Pro members, we have an updated Capture Page and one new Capture Page:

Updated Pro Capture Page

New Pro Capture Page

Both of the above pages now have the exit “pop up” feature installed. This means you will not be able to put those capture pages directly into a Traffic Exchange unless you turn the “pop up” feature off.

Turning Off the “Pop Up” Feature

For all the TEP capture pages, you can turn off the pop up by adding a simple piece of code to your capture page URL…


You will almost ALWAYS want to leave the “pop up” feature turned on. The only time I can imagine needing to turn the feature off is if you are directly advertising one of these capture pages in a Traffic Exchange. I personally prefer advertising Splash Pages, which do not have any pop ups and avoid the problem entirely.

Log into your TEP back office and get your new splash/capture links now. More are being added over the next several days, so check back frequently!





Begin With The End In Mind

In case you’re wondering… I create most of my advertising campaigns backwards!

Why is that?

Because as Stephen R. Covey says in “The 7 Habit of Highly Effective People,” we need to begin with the end in mind.

You must know where you’re going if you ever hope to get there!

So I create everything from back to front.

As I have said many times…

Conversion is a PROCESS that turns our traffic into signups and sales. We can’t expect our website visitors to just hand over their hard earned money the first time they see a sales page in a surfing window.

That’s like asking someone to marry you after you just met them two seconds ago!

Here’s the basic flow in the TE marketing process…

Splash Page > Capture Page > Landing Pages > Followup Emails >
Valuable Content > Recommendations > Affiliate Signups > Sales

Each step in this process must flow smoothly and with purpose. And the best way to accomplish this is by building the conversion “funnel” from the Sales Page forward.


I’ve been very hard at work the past couple months working on the TE Profits funnels. You may not have noticed, because most of the work is further down the funnel that what you would see in a Splash Page.

1. The TEP Upgrade offer has been completely updated. New products are ready for immediate download (at no extra cost) for our Pro members. The upgrade offer is converting better than ever!

If you’re still a FREE member of TE Profits, this is a good time to review the benefits of our Pro Upgrade. Log in and go to “Upgrade Account” for all the details.

Member Login

2. You may have noticed a new look to the TE Profits main site. All external pages (outside the members area) have been updated for a fresh look. After the remaining funnel updates I plan to do more work inside the members area with a better layout and menu system.

Main Index Page

3. The TEP Traffic Report has a new paint job! I love the way it looks and hope you will, too. Feedback has been very good so far.

Please review the updated Traffic Report and be aware that TWO NEW TEs have been added to the report.

(Replace “yourTEPusername” with your TEP username.)

Log into your TEP back office and go to the “Report Brander” page to enter your affiliate links for the two additional TEs in the report. You should already be members of both because they are in the Top 7 of TE Hoopla.

4. The “Thank You” and “Confirmation” landing pages have been updated for the Pro Lead Capture System.

5. Last (but definitely not least), new Splash Pages and Capture Pages are being added to the Crash Course system as well as the Pro Lead Capture System.

I won’t put the links here on the Buddy Blog, but will add them to the back office under “Splash Pages” and “Pro Splash Pages”. Keep an eye on your inbox for notices as these new pages start rolling out.

Of all the updates to TEP this spring, the fresh Splash Pages and Capture Pages updates have me the most excited.

I’m almost to the end… err… beginning, and can hardly wait for you to see them!





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