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TE Profits is the most intelligently conceived marketing system I've ever encountered! The concepts are presented with precision and crystal clarity and have been uniquely responsible for an exponentially growing flood of traffic, subscriptions, conversions and "autopilot" income from multiple sources.

While the lemmings leap blindly from one fly-by-night "opportunity" to the next, TE Profits immediately engages every marketer on the Internet by providing for the one thing that remains constant: the need for massive, effective and motivated traffic.

Joining TE Profits is the best decision I've made in many years of Internet marketing. And the program just keeps getting better!

Thanks, Scott, for making this extraordinary system available.

Steve Laycock

My friend, Scott 'The Dragonfly' Douglas, is the originator of our system and the creator of TE Profits. Let me tell you, Scott has really outdone himself this time. The subscription rates, conversions and sales have been nothing short of amazing.

Paul Upp

Signing up for the TE Profits system is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I owe it all to Scott Douglas, the creator of TE Profits. He is very supportive to all of us.

Rest assured that if you need any help, he is there to assist. Scott even closes sales for you!

Henry Pimentel

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TE Profits is excellent training ground for how to start getting tons of free traffic to your websites. It's also the BEST *follow-me* system I have ever experienced.

I'm earning from SEVERAL sources on AUTO PILOT all by promoting just ONE, and so are my downline members!

Barbie Zabel

In reality profiting online is simple. TE Profits teaches you how to create upfront income through very inexpensive products and free marketing programs called traffic exchanges and safelists. You can then reinvest profits back into your business to make it grow faster.

Do not compare this with anything else you may have seen on the internet.

95% of online businesses are pure crap! They take your money, but they will not teach you how to make it. They give you tools, but will not show you how to use them. They say you can profit overnight, but will forget you have no experience.

This is unlike any other online businesses. With TE Profits you will gain knowledge and experience by completing steps one at a time, and through the best online help you will EVER GET!

This is by far the best and most complete marketing system I have ever seen in my 7 years marketing online.

A complete marketing plan from 'a to z'... nothing is left out. If you can't profit with this system, you'll never profit online!

Richard Weberg

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Hi Scott,

Want to say Thank You for putting a system together that is easy to understand and to get it up without a lot headaches.

This is the first program that I have been up going so quickly. Have it already all up and promoting the system already.

Thank You Again,


Scott, you never cease to amaze me!

I'm in my 28th year of retirement, and for most of that time I have spent many hours a day (average of 6) browsing the web looking at info, dramas, stupidities and other fascinations.

Although I joined a few programs because they aroused my curiosity and I wanted to satisfy it, I have never been serious about any of them.

Then YOUR knee knocking gob-smacking program came to eye, and for some reason I don't understand and probably never will, I felt drawn.

I'm glad I did because it was such a change to be able to sit back and admire the logical unfolding of a wonderfully 'looks so easy' program that was splendidly prepared, admirably written and deep, deep, deep beyond the wildest expectations.

Frankly, I had severe doubts about 'setting up' tools and autoresponders as I have never done this before, and being 83 years of age and blind in one eye did nothing to improve my confidence.

But then along came your report, happily informing me that most everything had been set up by you already. So all I had to do was about 20 minutes of fiddling around (including coffee-sipping time) and everything was done.

You didn't do this just for me, you do it for everyone!

You set me up in my own business, not as an affiliate, not as a downliner, but as an owner.


Alan Green

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While I was stubbornly surfing TEs with no results, trying to figure out how to find buying customers... Scott Douglas was quietly making a fortune on Traffic Exchanges.

When I saw his "proof" screenshots I was stunned! I thought, "What's his secret?!"

Once I started using the TEP system, I found - to my surprise - that it was working for me, too!

Don't make my mistake trying to reinvent the wheel. Let Scott show you how easy Traffic Exchange marketing can be... just like he showed me and so many others.

You have nothing to lose and a whole new TE experience to gain!

Natalia Hawthorne

Thanks for this great system you have put in place for us to start building a Real Business that will only grow for years to come.

You have implemented a system that finally puts all the pieces of the puzzle together for us.

Your friend,

Jay Stewart

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Thank you for all the work you have put into TE Profits. I am finally starting to see results from my TE marketing and proud to be a part of such a great and growing program.


Jim B

The missing piece for me with trying to build a business on the internet was having an effective and affordable way to market it.

I am very appreciative to have this marketing system that can help produce so much and cost so little.

This is a Gold Mine!

Thank you,

Rel Rogers

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"Your Easy Way to Profit With Traffic Exchanges"

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