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Welcome to Bitcoin (BTC)

With the loss of Payza as a payment processor for distributing commissions, the only viable choice is now Bitcoin (BTC). However, BTC is truly preferred over other payment processors like PayPal or Payza even if those processors were available to us. BTC is just that much better!

Bitcoin (and crypto in general) have much lower fees and are available anywhere throughout the world. When you receive BTC, you can either keep it invested in crypto or convert it to your local currency to cash out.

EVERY member of TE Profits needs to get a BTC in order to earn and get paid commissions at TE Profits. To earn commissions, you must enter a valid Bitcoin Wallet address in your TE Profits Account Settings.

Instructions are provided in the members area. You can also access the instructions in the FAQs on our support site here:

In order to allow members sufficient time to set up a Bitcoin Wallet and enter it into their Account Settings, members will still be able to earn commissions without a wallet until May 31, 2018. That is one full month. All members still need a Bitcoin Wallet to get paid, however.

At the beginning of June, all members will be required to have a Bitcoin Wallet on file in order to earn future commissions. So please do not delay.

If you are new to Bitcoin, you will be glad you started now. In a couple of years, all your friends and family members will be coming to you for help getting set up in Bitcoin. (smile)

To Your Crypto Success,


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  • Chase Swift says:


    This is a great addition to TEP and Bitcoin will indeed be the future of money for may online and offline uses. Thanks for being a leader and providing this to all your members!

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