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A Few Small Changes

TEProfits has done amazing for our affiliates over the years, however a number of things have changed in our industry and marketing in general. This is why we decided to dig in and start changing a few key features of TEProfits to help grow your income even easier and faster than before.

Update #1 – Scott Douglas & Sean Supplee

Two admins, both with years of marketing behind them and a clear picture and understanding of how to market in the future. You’re in great hands and TEProfits will show you how to build an income with not just traffic exchanges, but build you a core foundation on how to market and build funnels to profit for years to come.

Update #2 –  We updated some of the downline builders to reflect new programs for modern marketing. (These downline builder updates are reflected in our pro area) Be sure to upgrade at TEProfits to unlock this area and other bonuses of the program.

Pro Builder Updates (For those who have upgraded in TEProfits)

Rapid Downline – Owner Sean Supplee this program was built to kick other Downline builders and ranking sites to the curb!

What are the key parts that build success and income online?

Results! Optins, sales and sign ups are what make businesses work and this is what Rapid Downline tracks. No voting, No personal input just cold hard facts and results to show you the best places to promote your offers. This report is updated weekly on Saturday noon EST.

Smart URL – Tracking is important when growing your business. However what if I told you your tracker could do more?! This unique site allows you to track and also add marketing/profit magnets to them without any coding.

Training is being added in the main members area to promote your affiliate links for these Pro Tools to all your referrals, both free and upgraded at TEProfits.

Update #3 – Core Changes coming soon…

Realhitz4u – Will be the leading TE at the core of TEProfits. As such, it will be the first TE Upgrade promoted in the TEP Traffic Report and Fast Start Crash Course. This means you’ll want to be upgraded in RealHitz4U (see the Special Discount available in your members area) because it will be the entry point in our TE upgrade “stacking” strategy.

This profitable upgrade is something you do not want to miss out on! Not only are you going to be earning better commissions but you will be getting an increase in great quality traffic with a site linked with other team builders, marketers and many years of services already.

Pro members are hearing about this in advance so you won’t miss any sales of the RealHitz4U upgrades when the change goes live this week! Watch for another email notice this week when the change is complete so you’ll know when to update your Followup Email Series for your Pro Lead Capture System.

We are currently building out more new features of TEProfits. Stay tuned and be sure to be on our Pro Members email list to get first hand updates on any new changes and additions to your system. Being part of the “First Alert” email system as a Pro member at TEProfits will give you first notice these types of updates at least 24 hours before free members.

Scott and I both thank you for all of the hard work, suggestions and feedback we have received so far. If you ever have an idea on how you feel TEProfits could be better please reach out to us any time at our support desk.

To All Your TE Profits,
Scott Douglas and Sean Supplee

  • Bruce says:

    Sounds great. I really need to build my list.

  • Mark says:

    Thanks for the update. You two guys are awesome! I am more excited about the future with TEP than I have ever been since 2007 when I started online!

  • Awesome News!!!

    Looking foorward for more awesome updates about this two great admin.

    • Sean Supplee says:

      Thanks Rafael! Awesome to see you with us seen you around a bunch on Traffic exchanges so its a pleasure. We should be rolling out our 2nd level of updates here within the next 72 hours. Moving right along 🙂

  • Abdullah says:

    Scott you are doing a good job.Just went through TEP and have noticed changes.Are you dumping TeHoopla?Its a great traffic system and I have earned some cash there.What are your plans with it?

    • Sean Supplee says:

      We are removing TEHoopla as much has changed with that program along with the crash and loss of entire downlines. We also felt Rapid Downline would be a better alternative as it is not based on biased opinions just stats and what sites convert the most.

  • Dave Hayes says:

    I have to leave this comment. I have been using TEs properly since 2014, having first used them waaayy back in 2002/3 and had good resuts then. However, like the VAST majority of online business marketers, was spending hours in TEs, mainly because, I didn’t know how to use them, or which ones worked.

    Now thanks to Sean, Scott and their superb system, I have become a ‘smart’ surfer and applied what they teach

    Why, because it makes sense, but more importantly when you follow their teachings, the following happens

    Your business gets leverage, you work less, attract more prospects and are able to spend time both (in my case) writing more articles/blog and showing others how to just that.

    The upshot of all this is, you learn and earn.

    If only more of the so called MLM gurus, were open minded enough to learn this, then they wouldn’t have to recruit, as their downlines would grow on autopilot : )

    Keep up the good work guys.

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