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Should I Save My Credits?

One of the most common questions that comes up from TEProfits members is what they should do with the credits they are earning? Should the be pooled? Auto assigned? Or maybe a combination of the two?

A combination of the two works best. The ultimate goal is to have the site always in rotation with credits. This goes for the site, banner and possible text links (Some sites really eat up text links and I avoid them) But having a 468×60 banner and your site always in rotation means you are targeting as many people as possible on that traffic exchange giving you maximum exposure.

What you never want to do is continue to store and keep storing credits as some members do. Credits sitting in your account are not working for you. They are dead weight and are accomplishing nothing. The longest I would sit on credits would be 24 hours before bulk assigning them.

Get them to work! It’s kind of like having your money work for you. Sitting in your room or your wallet that money does nothing, it never increased in value or earns you more money. But investing it or saving it puts that money to work for you. That same premise is with credits on traffic exchanges. Credits assigned are working for you. They are striving to get you referrals, sales and optins for your email list.

  • Mark Weaver says:

    Thanks for this post. Your comment, “The ultimate goal is to have the site always in rotation with credits”, is very hard to do. For example, I can surf for an hour and earn 200 credits in each of 6 Traffic Exchanges for a total of 1200 credits. Since I have all my sites on auto-assign, by the time I am finished surfing, all of the 200 credits in some sites have already been both assigned and used leaving that exchange with nothing in rotation until I surf again. Other sites may may take two days to use up all 200 credits. Any additional thoughts on this situation and how to accomplish the ultimate goal? Thanks.

    • Sean Supplee says:

      You should do some tracking to see what type of results your getting from those 200 hits a day. Are your unique rates awful or are you pushing about 3 views a day per person(would be what I would call a good standard). You will be building not only your income in these traffic exchanges from TEP but you will be earning credits as well from their surfing. With enough downline there becomes a point at which you no longer have to surf yours. (I still do though anyways because I enjoy it and it is part of my own business)

  • Salley says:

    Thanks for the info. I typically assign only the required amount of credits (ie 40-90%) and then I bank the rest and periodically assign them. I kind of like the idea of auto assigning 100%.

  • Ernie brown says:

    Good info I generally autoasign.I would like to know if when credit assign to websites can they still used for cash or upgrade

    • Scott says:

      Hi Ernie. Welcome to TEProfits! What you can do with your TE credits depends on which TE your credits are in. But generally, if you assign credits to a webpage you can later unassign them, transfer them to another website, or return the credits to your account by deleting the website URL they were assigned to.

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