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PayPal Processor Update

As I am sure most are aware by now, there has been a big shift in the “free traffic” industry away from PayPal. For the most part, this has not been by choice. The basis for policy changes at PayPal are way beyond my pay grade, so I am not in any way casting blame. It is what is it.

TEProfits has never offered PayPal as an option. But this is in no way an attempt to dissuade you from using PayPal wherever available. I personally use and recommend PayPal as a convenient way to shop online.

These recent changes have had a very big impact on business and profit in the TE market, to say the least.

Many TE surfers and TE business owners have suffered setbacks due to PayPal policy changes. It has caused upgrade subscriptions to get cancelled, and many surfers have simply left the TE marketplace.

The TE market will recover. TE owners are implementing alternative payment processors to restore their affiliate business.

ClixSense Processor Update

For traffic to be worthwhile, it needs to consist of people actually interested in the things being advertised rather than simply surfing to score points or prizes or pennies.

I personally believe this upset in the TE market is best in the long term. This shift could signal a renewed focus on quality traffic.

At TEProfits we have been using Credit Card and Payza as upgrade payment options for many years. Payza is also our preferred method of disbursing commissions.

We are now seeing new alternatives like BitCoin (BTC). We believe digital currency is the future of international and online financial transactions.

Onward and Upward!

  • Richard Hefter says:

    Hi Scott,

    It looks like Blockchain is the number one choice.

    Peer top peer processing the number one choice.

    • Scott says:

      Agreed. Instructions have been added in the TEP members area and on the support site. Thanks for the feedback!

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