Gravatars and Upgrades A New Change

Today we pushed a new feature live which is currently in beta. All upgraded members now have access to new splash pages and a squeeze page which have your Gravatars on them as well as your pro level status!


One of our new TEProfits pro splash pages

This new feature for our upgraded members can be accessed under Pro Member Area > Pro brander. Here you can toggle on and off the branding feature if you want to use it or not. Continue Reading…

Stripe Added, We Now Take All Major Credit Cards

We know you love TEProfits but one thing we didn’t love was only having one payment option!

Now it is easier then ever to pay for upgrades at TEProfits with our new payment provider Stripe. You can be sure your information is safe with our robust SSL encrypted pages. Stripe also takes all major credit card providers, below is a list of cards you can use depending on where you live. Continue Reading…

Secrets To A Successful Person

People come to me all the time and ask… What are the secrets to becoming a successful person?

You might be surprised, but it’s no secret at all. It is about following and understanding WHO you are and WHO you want to be.

1) Figure out WHO you want to be and WHO you are now

Understanding who you are and where you want to be is the first key to becoming successful. Once you are happy with yourself and who you are, your outlook on life will be more positive. You will see a goal and a Continue Reading…

New Addition to TEP Lineup!

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Well, it’s actually not new to TE Profits. This awesome Traffic Exchange has been one of the primary TEs being built in the TE Downline builder for a few years…

But now this profitable TE is taking center stage in our Traffic Report and Fast Start Crash Course as the “Funded Proposal” that creates up front income with your traffic machine!

I’m talking about none other than RealHitz4u!

You’re already in good shape if you’ve joined RealHitz4u and added your affiliate link in the TE Downline Builder. However, Continue Reading…

More Traffic, More Profit

A proven strategy to upgrade your TE memberships is essential for generating more traffic and profits with Traffic Exchanges.

Upgrading in a TE adds POWER to your advertising in two ways:

1. You instantly get more traffic when you surf. More traffic means more signups in the programs you are advertising. When you use your traffic to build your TE downlines, an increase in traffic means an increase in your TE downlines. Continue Reading…

A Few Small Changes

TEProfits has done amazing for our affiliates over the years, however a number of things have changed in our industry and marketing in general. This is why we decided to dig in and start changing a few key features of TEProfits to help grow your income even easier and faster than before.

Update #1 – Scott Douglas & Sean Supplee

Two admins, both with years of marketing behind them and a clear picture and understanding of how to market in the future. You’re in great hands and TEProfits will show you how to build an income with not just traffic exchanges, Continue Reading…

Baskets of Eggs

How many baskets do you have your eggs in?

Many new online marketers make the fatal mistake of buying into a “biz op” costing $50 to $200 and more every month out of their stretched budget, and then having no funds left over to drive traffic and grow that business.

The “biz op” is the only basket with any potential for eggs (income). What’s worse is the basket too often never fills with any eggs due to a lack of proper advertising and marketing!

If you have experience combined with a sufficient budget for driving traffic to a single online business, then sure… Continue Reading…

Pro Tips

Look here for additional Tips and Training from the Pros at TE Profits!


In this category you’ll find every post about changes, additions and other updates to your TE Profits marketing system, downline builders, and training materials.


Keep an eye on this space for news in the world of Free Advertising. Learn what’s happening in Traffic Exchanges and Mailers (ie email exchanges, safelists or list builders)

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What People Say - A few words from our members

"The missing piece for me with trying to build a business on the internet was having an effective and affordable way to market it.

I am very appreciative to have this marketing system that can help produce so much and cost so little.

This is a Gold Mine!"

Rel Rogers


While I was stubbornly surfing TEs with no results, trying to figure out how to find buying customers... Scott Douglas was quietly making a fortune on Traffic Exchanges.

"When I saw his "proof" screenshots I was stunned! I thought, "What's his secret?!"

Once I started using the TEP system, I found - to my surprise - that it was working for me, too!

Don't make my mistake trying to reinvent the wheel. Let Scott show you how easy Traffic Exchange marketing can be... just like he showed me and so many others.

You have nothing to lose and a whole new TE experience to gain!"

Natalia Hawthorne


"Want to say Thank You for putting a system together that is easy to understand and to get it up without a lot headaches.

This is the first program that I have been up going so quickly. Have it already all up and promoting the system already."



"TE Profits is excellent training ground for how to start getting tons of free traffic to your websites. It's also the BEST *follow-me* system I have ever experienced.

I'm earning from SEVERAL sources on AUTO PILOT all by promoting just ONE, and so are my downline members!"

Barbie Zabel

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