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Well, it’s actually not new to TE Profits. This awesome Traffic Exchange has been one of the primary TEs being built in the TE Downline builder for a few years…

But now this profitable TE is taking center stage in our Traffic Report and Fast Start Crash Course as the “Funded Proposal” that creates up front income with your traffic machine!

I’m talking about none other than RealHitz4u!

You’re already in good shape if you’ve joined RealHitz4u and added your affiliate link in the TE Downline Builder. However, if you are a free RealHitz4u member you are not earning big commissions on referral upgrades.

Check our Secret Discounts for a remarkable exclusive upgrade package from Sean Supplee only available to our valued TEP members!

You can grab a “better than Pro” upgrade at a substantial savings. This exclusive package is just $7 per month, and a very low-cost way to start upgrading your TE memberships.

AdMasterPlus (formerly FCAT) is still in our system. If you’ve joined and upgraded there, don’t worry. We still build downlines in AdMasterPlus and it has one of the best upgrades out there. It’s a profitable winner with fast traffic and fast commissions.

Action Steps:

  1. Log into the TEP members area and go to the TE Downline Builder to join RealHitz4u (if you haven’t already) and add your affiliate link.
  2. Go to Secret Discounts and review the exclusive discount for the upgrade at RealHitz4u. You need to upgrade as soon as possible in RealHitz4u to generate up front income with the TE Profits systems!
  3. Go to the Report Brander and add your link for RealHitz4u. Click the link on that page to review the Traffic Report, especially the section on the Funded Proposal.

The TE Downline Builder updates the Crash Course with your RealHitz4u link. The Report Brander updates the Traffic Report with your link.

Hurry! You want to make sure you do this before any TEP referrals or you will be losing out on referrals and easy commissions!


You need to update your TEP followup email series in TrafficWave. The five emails that promote our Funded Proposal have been updated for RealHitz4u.

We have also added a new landing page you can use to promote RealHitz4u. The link is automatically created in your email series when you import the updated letters.

Here’s a preview of the new page:

(Replace “yourTEPusername” with Your TEP Username)

Action Steps:

  1. Go to the Pro Members area and click on System Instructions. You will see the link to download a zip file with the latest email letters in text format, plus a summary of changes in the zip file. You can use these to manually edit your emails. It’s only five, if you updated your series in May 2015. Or,
  2. You can automatically update your email letters simply by importing them from TrafficWave. If you have already set up your teprofits email series, skip the part about creating a campaign. Just scroll down to where you import the letters. Let the 25 new letters over write the 25 original letters.

Easy Peasy!

PS. Don’t forget to review all the amazing exclusive discounts!

Go to “Secret Discounts” on the main menu for more information and big savings!


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"The missing piece for me with trying to build a business on the internet was having an effective and affordable way to market it.

I am very appreciative to have this marketing system that can help produce so much and cost so little.

This is a Gold Mine!"

Rel Rogers


While I was stubbornly surfing TEs with no results, trying to figure out how to find buying customers... Scott Douglas was quietly making a fortune on Traffic Exchanges.

"When I saw his "proof" screenshots I was stunned! I thought, "What's his secret?!"

Once I started using the TEP system, I found - to my surprise - that it was working for me, too!

Don't make my mistake trying to reinvent the wheel. Let Scott show you how easy Traffic Exchange marketing can be... just like he showed me and so many others.

You have nothing to lose and a whole new TE experience to gain!"

Natalia Hawthorne


"Want to say Thank You for putting a system together that is easy to understand and to get it up without a lot headaches.

This is the first program that I have been up going so quickly. Have it already all up and promoting the system already."



"TE Profits is excellent training ground for how to start getting tons of free traffic to your websites. It's also the BEST *follow-me* system I have ever experienced.

I'm earning from SEVERAL sources on AUTO PILOT all by promoting just ONE, and so are my downline members!"

Barbie Zabel

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