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More Streamlining in TEP!

At TE Profits we love feedback!

And we listen. Our goal is to continually improve the site, training, and service to our members. Your feedback helps us all.

This week we streamlined the way the Traffic Report is branded with your links. The change was necessary largely due to the way the site has evolved. Without going into all the “why’s” about these updates… we’ll just jump right in…

First you will notice the main members page when you log in has changed. It is no longer the “welcome” page with an overview of the members area. The overview was fine, but…

Who has time for that?

Most members just want to know what to do and where to do it.

So now the first page when you log in is the Fast Start Guide. It makes perfect sense. Just jump in and get’r done!

Log in,  follow the guide, or  you can just work your way down the main menu on the left… which is also positioned out of the way for better page viewing.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Join the TEs in the Traffic Exchanges dowline builder
  2. Join the mailers in the Email Exchanges downline builder
  3. Click on “brander” to add your Traffic Wave link and TE Command Post links  to the Traffic Report.

(The TE downline builder adds your links to those TEs in the Traffic Report.)

This update necessitated a small change in the Traffic Report TEs so the list matched the TE downline builder. (They are one-and-the-same now.)

As a result, the TEP Pro Lead System followup email series also had one small change.  Out of the 25 emails, only email letter 21 was changed to incorporate a link to  RealHitz4U.

Pro members can go to System Instructions in the Pro Members Area to download the updated email series, or simply log into  your Traffic Wave back office and import the email series again. It will make the change automatically for you.

That’s it for now.

Please log into the members area and have a looksee. Leave  a comment here, or feel free to contact us through the support ticket system with comments, questions, or suggestions.

We love feedback!

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I am very appreciative to have this marketing system that can help produce so much and cost so little.

This is a Gold Mine!"

Rel Rogers


While I was stubbornly surfing TEs with no results, trying to figure out how to find buying customers... Scott Douglas was quietly making a fortune on Traffic Exchanges.

"When I saw his "proof" screenshots I was stunned! I thought, "What's his secret?!"

Once I started using the TEP system, I found - to my surprise - that it was working for me, too!

Don't make my mistake trying to reinvent the wheel. Let Scott show you how easy Traffic Exchange marketing can be... just like he showed me and so many others.

You have nothing to lose and a whole new TE experience to gain!"

Natalia Hawthorne


"Want to say Thank You for putting a system together that is easy to understand and to get it up without a lot headaches.

This is the first program that I have been up going so quickly. Have it already all up and promoting the system already."



"TE Profits is excellent training ground for how to start getting tons of free traffic to your websites. It's also the BEST *follow-me* system I have ever experienced.

I'm earning from SEVERAL sources on AUTO PILOT all by promoting just ONE, and so are my downline members!"

Barbie Zabel

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