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Gravatars and Upgrades A New Change

Today we pushed a new feature live which is currently in beta. All upgraded members now have access to new splash pages and a squeeze page which have your Gravatars on them as well as your pro level status!


One of our new TEProfits pro splash pages

This new feature for our upgraded members can be accessed under Pro Member Area > Pro brander. Here you can toggle on and off the branding feature if you want to use it or not.

We use the site Gravatar and your email address on your account to pull your picture.

Why might you want to use this new feature?

Branding yourself as a pro surfer member with TEProfits shows you commitment to wanting to build a true business online and that you are serious about what you do online. It promotes trust and helps brand yourself and your name to other surfers who might be considering to join TEProfits. Your pages also stand out compared to free members since visitors can now see who they are going to be joining.

The September Re-Launch

Not only is my birthday in September and of course there will be a birthday bash for that 😉 lol but TEProfits will be launching our relaunch promotion for one full month. This contest will run on number of sales produced and result in cash and real silver bullion to be won! This contest will be epic and more details will be released soon.

  • Bo Tipton says:

    Great addition to an already good site. I am looking forward to the relaunch. It should stir up a lot of interest in a tried and proven site.

  • Love the new pro splash setup – soooo easy. A lot simpler than previously. Thank you!

  • Nice Feature!!

    Looking forward to the contest…

  • It’s good to see the new things happening at TEP

  • Looking good, excellent! love it

  • Yes! Finally! I meant to ask for that years ago, as important as Scott taught that branding yourself is. Which is why he gave instructions on how to do so at AdKreator. But I never remembered to ask Scott to create that feature. I create my own, but at least now other pros will be able to by simply entering their Gravatar email address. Cool! Thank you!

  • Love it! I’m so excited. Always believed in this site and overjoyed it is moving full steam ahead.

    How do we get one of the cute integrated and full capture info splash page that we originally saw with Scott’s pic?


    • Sean Supplee says:

      This new feature for our upgraded members can be accessed under Pro Member Area > Pro brander. So you will need to be upgraded to Pro at the moment it is a way to stand out and show your commitment to your success online and helping others achieve that goal.

  • Sean – I’ve been Pro since this program began. I mean the promo that had Scott’s pic on it that is within the box as opposed to sticking out of the side, with a full opt in form (name, address, login name etc.). Is that design going to be accessible to us as well?


    • Scott says:

      Hi Iya,

      You’re the best!

      Your memory of our early pages is better than mine. I seem to recall a squeeze page like that, but retired a lot of the original pages which had my picture on them. In this round I am starting with the splash pages, but also looking at some of the older retired pages to revive them as well. I’ll be on the lookout for the one you described.

      If you find a link or copy, feel free to email it to me or send it to us in a support ticket. That would be a big help.

      For now, this splash page which had MY picture on it for years now has YOUR picture:

      It links to a capture page. I plan to make the capture pages brandable as well. And you have probably already seen this squeeze page in the Pro Members Area:

      Great pic! And nice job branding, Iya!

      Several more are already being updated, and one cool new one can display the name of any TE for spot-on targeting.

      Keep an eye out. We’ll be rolling more new pages out during this contest.

      All the best!!

    • Scott says:

      PS. I just realized you may be talking about the TEP membership signup page. A link to that was in the email. With your branding turned on, your signup page shows your picture. (In the past it only showed the sponsor’s name and username, but no picture on it until now.)

      That is NOT a good page to advertise. It is linked from the main index page, or could work well in downline builders.

      Thinking about this does give me another idea, though. 🙂

  • Alright Scott! Back in the day, Mike Paetzold and Jerry Reeder recommended not only self-branding your promo pages and banner ads, but also personalizing them with the name of the ad exchange they’re advertised in. And I liked that Instant Splash was doing it. But I wanted my pages to stand out from the rest. So I figured out how to personalize them.

    But now others in TEP can too! How cool! (Just pros or all members?) And pros displaying their status, even cooler! 😀 Thanks a million, guys! I really appreciate it! And I’m sure others, including my referrals, will too! Woohoo! Two big thumbs up!

  • Steven Peters says:

    Thanks Scott and Sean. Your tireless work is appreciated. This system rocks. My conversion rate is soaring and thanks to you two I can honestly say I have finally found a home.

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