Meet Joe the Pro...

The heat of the brilliant morning sun was adeptly relieved by a salty breeze floating across the waves, as they sat drinking coffee on pristine sands.

"Why is Joe Surfer looking so tired?" whispered Jo ListBuilder. "He was up surfing for about 3,000 traffic credits last night!" exclaimed Joe the Pro.

"Oh," she said, "what did that cost you, Surfer Joe?"

"About four hours of sleep!" was the answer.

Jo ListBuilder commented, "That was a heavy price to pay, wasn't it? Don't you know you could just purchase those credits for about $20?"

"Of course," said Joe Surfer as he refilled his coffee cup. "But I'd be losing money. I wouldn't make enough sales to cover the $20 cost."

"We need to look at what you're doing with your credits." Jo ListBuilder stated. "You should be able to earn at least $30 with 3,000 traffic credits!

Build your own list of subscribers first. Instead of using your traffic credits to promote one affiliate program at a time, use those credits to gain a subscriber. Then you can promote as many different affiliate programs as you want to your list.

It's repeat business, man. More traffic for the credit... more bang for the buck!

You should be able to make at least $1 per month for each subscriber on your list. So build your list, Surfer Joe!" she proclaimed.

Meanwhile, Joe the Pro had remained silent. He was just sitting there, listening and looking like the cat that ate the canary.

Finally, Joe Surfer said, "What gives, Joe? Why are you grinning like that?"

"Well..." Joe the Pro started, "after dinner and a great movie last night, I decided to log on to a few Traffic Exchanges to check my credit balances and assign some traffic credits to my favorite lead capture pages before heading off to bed. This morning while the coffee perked, I checked my credit balances again and they had increased by another 3,000 traffic credits."

"So you didn't surf?" asked Joe Surfer.

"I surfed a little to see what was going on."

"You didn't purchase those 3,000 credits?" asked Jo ListBuilder.

"No. My traffic credits build up on their own."

"You get your traffic for free?"

"Not exactly. My credits are better than free.

When I logged into my Traffic-Splash account this morning I'd also earned another $30 commission. So, I guess you could say my credits cost negative one cent each.

Traffic-Splash is just one of the Traffic Exchanges that pays me. The cost of the upgrade is nothing compared to the commissions they generate.

"You see," Joe the Pro explained, "I earn money with my marketing before anyone joins my business. I have upgraded memberships in about 20 Traffic Exchanges, and I profit with those upgrades."

"Upgrades in 20 Traffic Exchanges? That must be expensive!" exclaimed Joe Surfer.

"Not at all," replied business-minded Joe the Pro.

"I began with one upgrade. Then I used all the traffic I earned while surfing (plus the bonus traffic credits for being an upgraded member) to build a list of leads for my business. Before introducing subscribers to my business, I offered solid advice on how they could get better results with Traffic Exchanges. I also offered them a fabulous product with a very low price point. Upfront income from product sales more than covered the cost of my upgrade.

The upgrade paid for itself... so I did it again. I upgraded in another exchange, made more upfront income, then upgraded in another.

Many of my subscribers who purchased the product thanked me for sharing it with them. They were interested in what I was doing. They were attracted to my business.

As my subscribers started doing what I was doing, they also upgraded in the exchanges in order to get more traffic with less surfing. Their increased product sales covered the cost of their upgrades.

When they upgraded in the Traffic Exchanges, I got paid. Now my upgraded memberships don't cost me anything!

My Traffic Exchange memberships pay me. I get paid in residual traffic plus commissions. I get several thousand traffic credits each month without surfing and I consistently earn a profit of more than $1,000 per month with my TE memberships. Some of the profit I use to purchase even more traffic, which converts back into yet more profit!

The TE owners are happy, my subscribers and partners are happy, and I'm happy. It's a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Sure, you can build a list and make money from your subscribers. But it's better to give your subscribers what they want. Show your subscribers how they can generate more traffic by building a list of leads and getting paid to do it!"


Everyone starts out like Joe Surfer. Surfing long hours. Not generating income.

No one can continue for very long in that situation. You either learn how to use Traffic Exchanges effectively... or quit.

Jo ListBuilder has learned to use Traffic Exchanges effectively. She promotes herself by building a list. She does not waste traffic on affiliate sales pages.

By building a list, she gets more response... and more traffic. Instead of sending a surfer to just one website, she is sending her subscribers to several websites. One today, another tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

Joe the Pro is like the list builder, but he has shown others how to use Traffic Exchanges effectively. Sure, he wants to make money, but he does it without trying so hard. By helping other people first, the sales follow.

If you are just sick of surfing, then you need to do something differently...

Learn to surf effectively, generate leads, and create upfront income. Then share your 'secret' with others.

TE Profits was created to show anyone how to profit quickly from Traffic Exchanges.

It's much easier than you could imagine.