Lesson Five: Building Automatic Residual Income

I want to thank you again for watching your Crash Course video lessons.

My hope is these lessons helped bring this business of traffic generation and making money with Traffic Exchanges into focus for you. Once you have a clear plan of action, everything else falls into place just by following the plan.

Start small, build big!

In this final Crash Course lesson I want to give you a glimpse into your future so you can see where this business plan takes you.

Action Steps:

Follow the plan laid out for you. It works!

Feed your traffic and prospects into your automated marketing funnel.

Earn up front income with your Funded Proposal. Then simply reinvest some of your earnings to add more POWER and PROFITS to your advertising.

Set a budget. Start small and build big.

Focus! Jumping around to different "biz ops" is a waste of time and money!

We have only touched the surface in this Crash Course. A growing wealth of knowledge awaits you in the TEP Training area.

To All Your Profits,

Creator, TE Profits


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