Building Active Downlines

Welcome back.

In our first lesson we learned how referring other surfers to your TE downlines greatly increases your traffic. Building downlines in Traffic Exchanges is by far the easiest way to generate non-stop traffic to your website.

We earn extra, hands-free traffic when our referrals surf. Consistently focus on building Traffic Exchange downlines and before long you will have more traffic than you know what to do with.

Let me show you some PROOF so that you know I'm not pulling your leg.

Follow these Crash Course steps and you'll be getting traffic like this, too...

Building Your Downlines Fast

At the end of our first lesson I told you I will give you my professional tips on getting active referrals to your TE downlines.

Are you ready?

I need to know you are REALLY ready before I share this with you.

There is one thing you need for my tips to benefit you.

Do you know what that is?

The answer is quite simple.

...drum roll...

You need to TAKE ACTION!

This plan works, but only if you follow these proven easy steps.

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PS. Here is the link to TE Command Post that I mentioned in the video.

With TE Command Post you can manage all of your growing residual traffic credits from within one information command center. No more logging in to dozens of different TEs to see where your credits and commissions are.

Commando with the quintessential must-have tool for TE marketers!

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