Lesson One: More Traffic With Less Surfing

Getting traffic to your website is easy with Traffic Exchanges. No complicated blogging, article writing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or any other tricks that take years to learn just for the hope of getting picked up by Google.

With Traffic Exchanges you simply submit your site or affilate page and start clicking to drive traffic to it instantly!

Generating sales or getting other surfers to join your business so you can start making money is not quite as easy. Fortunately, turning your traffic into referrals and sales is simply a matter of having a proper conversion process in place.

I teach this very simple formula for making money on the Internet...

Traffic + Conversion = Income

You need traffic... LOTS of traffic... and a way to convert it to income.

We'll cover conversion in another lesson, but first we're going to look at getting much more traffic from Traffic Exchanges with much less work.

The fact that you are here reading this lesson indicates you are probably already familiar with Traffic Exchanges. But did you know you could get paid with traffic credits for referring other surfers to your TE downlines?

More Traffic... Less Surfing

"OK, Scott. How does promoting a TE get me more traffic?"

I'm glad you asked!

Most traffic exchange owners pay you with extra bonus traffic as an incentive to help grow the exchange. When you build your downlines in these exchanges you earn additional traffic as a bonus for referring other surfers.

It doesn't stop there...

In addition to referral bonuses, you also receive free traffic credits as your referrals do their own surfing. With some exchanges, these residual credits are paid several levels deep.

This can become thousands of credits per day in residual, non-stop traffic!

In the next lesson I'll show you the proof.

Lesson Summary:

Build your downlines in several top-rated traffic exchanges to receive massive amounts of extra traffic that you did not have to surf to get.

Your first objective should be MORE TRAFFIC.

If you take ACTION and FOCUS on this clear objective, you will soon be getting thousands of daily visitors from Traffic Exchanges... with less surfing!

Growing your TE downlines is the difference between surfing long hours for little traffic and much less surfing for much, much more traffic!

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In the next lesson I will show you proof and give you my professional tips on getting active referrals to your TE downlines for more traffic than you can imagine!

To Your Non-Stop Traffic Machine,

Creator, TE Profits

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A Traffic Exchange (also called a "hit" exchange) allows you to submit your website and then browse (surf) through other sites to earn credits so other members will view your site.

The purpose is literally to exchange traffic.

"You look at my site. I look at yours."

What is an Email Exchange?

An Email Exchange (also called a "Safelist" or "List Builder") allows you to submit your website via email, and then read through other email ads to earn credits so other members will read your email ads and view your site.

An Email Exchange is still a type of Traffic Exchange. You're just exchanging emails rather than directly viewing web pages. The purpose is the same...

"You look at my site. I look at yours."

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